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Asset Based Lending

EGC provides funding against accounts receivable, inventory, machinery and equipment, and real estate.

Our prime rate based loans focus on companies that choose not to pursue traditional bank financing. Whether it is a fast growth situation, or a turnaround, EGC has the experience and appetite to make quick decisions. By focusing on management and assets, instead of balance sheets and projections, EGC can make loans that banks can not. Because EGC is a lender, and not a venture capitalist, we leave managing your company to you.

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EGC provides factoring services to a variety of industries, not just the traditional textile and apparel industries. We can create a flexible program that meets your specific needs.

Typical Benefits:

  • Cash available within 48 hours - no audits
  • Credit information and analysis available
  • Customized statements and reporting
  • Improves uneven cash flow
  • Meets seasonal or temporary demand
  • No long term contracts
  • Reduces accounts payable
  • Vendor support, discounts and guarantees
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Merchant Cash Advances

Through our affiliate Credit Cash LLC, we are now able to provide cash advances against future credit card revenue. After only three years, we are the industry leader in providing the largest loans, at the lowest rates. Because of our history as an asset based lender, we understand your businesses assets and needs. We know that a long term solution only rarely requires a quick fix. That is why we have tried to improve the merchant advance industry by trying to set the standard. For more information, please visit our affiliate at
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Loan Advisory

EGC provides a variety of services to other lenders. Each program is custom tailored to meet the lenders’ needs.

Typical services include:

  • Client evaluations
  • Daily monitoring of collateral
  • Availability evaluation and reporting
  • Loan reconciliations
  • Credit and collection services and advise

Typical clients include:

  • Hedge Funds
  • Investor Groups
  • Asset Based Lenders
  • Factors
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Accounts Receivable Management

EGC provides full “back office” support for a variety of companies. Each program is custom tailored to meet specific needs.

Typical Services include:

  • Credit advice
  • Collection services
  • Accounts receivable monitoring and reporting
  • Customized agings and statements

Typical Clients include:

  • Growth companies
  • Turnarounds
  • Startups
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